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Skyway is an integrated platform developed at the RCC to allow users to burst computing workloads from the on-premise RCC cluster, Midway, to run on remote commercial cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure. Skyway enables users to run computing tasks in the cloud from Midway in a seamless manner without needing to learn how to provision cloud resources. Since the user does not need to setup or manage cloud resources themselves, the result is improved productivity with a minimum learning curve.

Skyway uses SLURM as a resource manager in the cloud. Resources in the cloud have the same configuration, software modules and file storage systems as Midway. Learn more.


Enabling the Use of Cloud Resources From Midway

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RCC Skyway platform is an intelligent HPC workload and resource orchestration platform that automates the scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of computing workloads bursted in the cloud. Users submit jobs to the cloud the same way they will submit jobs to Midway. Skyway delivers elastic and on-demand cloud services and currently supports multiple major commercial cloud providers.

Hakizumwami Birali Runesha

Assistant Vice President for Research Computing Director of the Research Computing Center